Obama and Me: Four Years Later

Obama.  Every day is Halloween as I hear Vincent Price echoing that name in my mind like a warning in a horror movie...sure to haunt me until my dying day. As we near the election, a graduation speech comes to mind: "We've have had a long four years.  We've made new friends, and sadly lost some.  We've learned a lot about each other and ourselves.  We face a future that will be as bright as we ourselves will make it." (You can cast off your robes now.) In what seems like an eternity ago, before Obama, I was passing people on the roadside holding "Bush lied, people died!" signs.  I knew people who held National Security Clearances that expressed, in hushed tones, that they wouldn't mind seeing Bush "gone." Wink wink.  My coworkers excitedly flipped pages in their "Days Until Bush Out of Office Countdown Calendars" as if they were doing their bit for world peace, and the lion would soon lie down with the lamb. In the years after the terrorist...(Read Full Article)