Mitt Romney: The Whitest Man in the Room?

Some time back, I suggested that Romney is so squeaky-clean that, in their campaign, the Obamanistas would be reduced to snark-attacks focusing on the three things upon which they feel they can hurt him -- viz., that he is a rich, white Mormon. That is precisely how the campaign has played out.  The Obama allies in the mainstream media (MSM) -- which is to say, the entire MSM -- have written dozens of hit pieces on Mormonism -- pieces that never appeared, needless to say, during the time that rich, white Mormon Harry Reid (D-NV) has ruled the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign has focused on blasting Romney for his wealth and his work at Bain Capital -- work that gave us companies like Staples, Domino's Pizza, and so on.  Of course, none of the Democratic spokesmen (or the MSM) ever complained when John Kerry (D-MA) ran for president, even though Kerry was much richer and only married into the money (twice) rather than earned it. Romney's whiteness has been hit by...(Read Full Article)