Media's Racial Campaign against Romney Supporters Intensifies

With inside two weeks until the presidential election and Mitt Romney's campaign awash in momentum, the left's accomplices in the mainstream media and in the ivory towers of academia have ramped up their efforts to mix race into the fray, trying to guilt whites into again voting for Obama or else make them feel as though they are racists. Take that bastion of news independence, CNN.  During much of Thursday, the main story at was titled, "Could Obama's Struggles With White Voters Cost Him The Election?"  CNN called upon Mark Anthony Neal, a cultural and black studies professor at Duke University, to comment on the story.  Neal, a staunch leftist and liberal blogger, stated, "Part of the reason we're thinking about this is the dynamic of this being a black president." He went on to say, "If we were in a post-race society, the measurement is not the election of Obama but the re-election of President Obama. He still had to perform and he has been held on a short...(Read Full Article)