Marcellus Can Swing Swing States

The election may well boil down to a handful of swing states.  Ohio and Pennsylvania are two of the most critical for Obama.  It is inconceivable that Obama could lose those two states, with their 38 electoral votes, and win the election.  Is there anything at this late date which Romney might do to make an extra pitch to voters in those northern industrial states? Yes.  A news story that broke on October 20 ought to raise lots of eyebrows in those states.  Two separate studies, one by Standard and Poor's and the other by ITG Investment Research, determined that Obama's U.S. Energy Information Administration had dramatically underestimated the size of the Marcellus Shale Gas Field.  How badly off were Obama's bureaucrats?  The field is three times richer than the Obama administration thought, and the field may hold half of the proven gas reserves in America.  This is from a federal agency which is intended to provide independent information and...(Read Full Article)