Lies We Can Believe In

Americans are facing the most important decision in our nation's history: do we want to continue along the path of socialism and ruin, or return to the vision of our founding fathers?  Whom do we trust to lead us, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Both candidates promise us what they think we want to hear.  In many cases they are promising the same thing: economic security, new jobs, abundant energy, and personal freedoms.  But the two candidates define these things in very different ways. I don't know how anyone can still be undecided three weeks before the presidential election.  The stark contrasts between candidates should make things easy for even the most wobble-headed.  And yet it is the undecided voter who will determine America's fate.  How will the undecideds make up their minds?  Will they vote their wallets?  How can they know which candidate will rob them and which will reward them?  It may come down to people probing their gut...(Read Full Article)