Liberal Says It's the End of an Era

Nobody knows how the election will come out, pollsters least of all.  But we know one thing.  Liberals are in retreat.  I have a liberal friend, a member of the Greatest Generation, who says simply that we are coming to the end of an age. Well, yes.  You could even dip down into cycle theorists like Mircea Eliade and say that it's the Eternal Return, baby.  A century ago, when liberals came in, the poor were suffering, and now, after a century of liberal governance, we are back where we started, with the poor and minorities hardest hit by the Great Recession. But those of us hoping to live for a couple of decades or more can't afford to be quite as unworried as my liberal friend.  We will actually have to live through the end of the age, and on into the next one. Are liberals thinking that, wow, we could be Greece in a few years, meaning that women and minorities would be hardest hit?  And that liberals, the most evolved, most educated ruling class...(Read Full Article)