Let's Talk About Lies

After President Obama's drubbing in the first 2012 presidential debate in Denver, the leftist drumbeat is: Romney lies -- end of story.  However, Romney and his advisers should be relishing the tactic the MSM and DNC have concocted to thwart him.  If no one else brings it up, Romney himself should make sure the subject of "Romney lies" comes up in the first ten minutes in the upcoming town hall-style debate.  To blunt and reverse the tactic, Romney should immediately flip the "Romney lies" narrative around, turning this bit of projection back onto its source, exposing the lies of the Obama administration and making the MSM/DNC play defense again. It took the MSM and DNC (is there a difference any longer?) a few hours, but the first 2012 presidential debate was spun for Obama.  How do you convince 67 million viewers that they can't believe their own eyes?  By explaining Romney was so incredible and Obama was so awful because "Romney lied" every time his lips...(Read Full Article)