Just When Was Obama Born?

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Neil Abercrombie, Governor of Hawaii, and Ann Dunham's girlfriends, Susan Blake and Maxine Box, have been telling falsehoods about the President's origins.  It is also beyond any reasonable doubt that there are people within the Obama camp who have managed their fabrications.  It now appears that Mary Toutonghi, Ann Dunham's sometime babysitter in Seattle, was also "managed." Mary and her husband were the managers of the Villa Ria apartments located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle.  The apartments were carved out of a large old house.  All of the tenants shared a common kitchen.  Ann and baby had an apartment on the first floor. In late 2008, it was revealed that Ann had enrolled in classes at the University of Washington for the fall quarter of 1961.  It is clear that the Obama camp was caught off-guard by this revelation.  In Obama's book Dreams from My Father, he claimed that Ann and Obama Sr. along...(Read Full Article)