It's Not Over

Does anyone believe that when Barack Obama loses on November 6, he will go quietly? This election is shaping up to be a landslide loss for the president, and by the ever-present look of desperation on his face, he knows it.  The nation should be preparing for how he might react when it happens -- there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered god.  In 2008, Americans wholeheartedly bought the Obama dream.  It's never easy to let go of a dream, but today, people have let go of Obama the dream -- and on November 6, they will let go of Obama the man. The debates served two purposes -- namely, showing the world that Mitt Romney was not the evil mastermind Obama and his crew had spent hundreds of millions of dollars portraying him to be while erasing the myth of Obama as invincible and inevitable.  For a man who is supposedly brilliant, it was devastating to see him perform like an uninformed moron in Denver.  It can be said that he was unprepared, but whose fault...(Read Full Article)