Is Paul Ryan Hawt?

Paul's Hot!  Joe's Not. I have to admit that I'm not "with it" anymore.  I can't dubstep.  That would probably kill me.  I'm a rock 'n' roller.  That's my music and my era.  And that's my excuse for completely missing out on the "Paul Ryan is hot" mania that is sweeping the country.  It started as soon as Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate this summer.  Women know all about it.  They started it.  They're keeping it going.  So there must be something to it. Did you know there's a dance called the Paul Ryan?  Yep.  Here's the music vid.  It's a hot rocking dance tune with a catchy beat, a sizzling female lead singer, sexy dancing girls, and a radically cool band pounding out the music. You can go to the website and cast your vote for who's hot and who's not.  Paul's Hot!  Joe's Not.  Cast your vote here.  OK, I admit it.  I voted.  Guess whom for.  The video says it is...(Read Full Article)