Inside the Mind of a Liberal

Mike Gallagher has recently written a new book, 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.  This book is both humorous and informative, written by someone who has been a radio talk show host for over thirty years.  Included in his rundown are Walmart, steakhouses, McDonalds, flag pins, football, the Second Amendment, success, freeways, the military, and the Founding Fathers.  American Thinker interviewed Gallagher about this year's election and his book. Gallagher describes liberals as those who always want to correct, fix, mend, and adjust people's lives.  He goes on to say that they enjoy talking about America's faults and how to fix them.  He reminds Americans that this is exactly what the president and the Democrats are attempting to do. To counter them, Gallagher "... hopes Republicans fight hard to have any chance of winning.  There is a reason people are yearning for talk radio and reading American Thinker: they want somebody to say 'enough already' and to...(Read Full Article)