D'Souza Can't Quite Accept the Real Obama

See also: Barack Obama: Anticolonialist or Neo-Communist? In 2016: Obama's America, the most successful and artful conservative documentary to date, author and producer Dinesh D'Souza takes a step closer to exposing the real Barack Obama.  To get there, however, he will have to remove the obstacles he has set in his own way. "Obama came out of nowhere," says D'Souza at the film's beginning.  "No one really knew him."  The reason why no one knew him was simple enough.  Obama discouraged the media from looking.  The major media obliged, and their conservative counterparts in New York and Washington, fearing ridicule, honored this absurd gentleman's agreement.  D'Souza was one such gentleman.  A Dartmouth grad, he shows up regularly on TV talk shows and serves now as president of King's College in New York City.  As such, he cannot afford to stray too far from approved paths.  In 2016, D'Souza takes a calculated step off that path, and for...(Read Full Article)