Deliverance with Better Teeth, Clothes, and Haircuts

People who haven't been paying attention were surprised to learn of this week's debate moderator's (Martha Raddatz) close connection to the President. He was a guest at one of her three weddings and a she was invited to his wedding and a visitor to the vice-president's home just months ago. Other bloggers have made lists of the substantial number of media figures married to Administration appointees and Democratic Party figures. I don't know why this should be surprising. The incestuous relationship between the media and the Democrats is of such longstanding that you could say the Capitol is like Deliverance with better clothes and haircuts. In this week's dueling banjos (vice presidential debate) she played her role, working in tandem with vice President Biden to block Congressman Paul Ryan from having  an uninterrupted sentence of consequence. Still, Biden could not exercise even a modicum of restraint and his constant heckling, inappropriate laughing and smirking, certainly...(Read Full Article)