Debasing the Presidency

Critics are harping that Barack Obama is running a campaign that in its coarseness, smallness, and pettiness[i] marks a new low in American politics.  Why are they so outraged?  He has behaved this way ever since he moved into the Oval Office. Many people have criticized Barack Obama for his failures as president.  His economic record is pathetic: trillions of dollars in new debt; anemic growth juiced up only by massive deficit spending, endless printing of money; zero interest rates that have proven so harmful to senior savers; regulations that are smothering businesses; a stimulus bill that reward Democratic special interest groups with taxpayer dollars and money borrowed from the Chinese; ObamaCare, which is choking off job growth; a shriveling of future opportunities for our youth; a foreign policy that cravenly shrivels before our adversaries but insults, damages, and bullies our allies and friends He can also be faulted for making a mockery of the...(Read Full Article)