Daddy Makes Only So Much Money

The bus stopped.  We got off, and, with anticipation in my heart, the two of us made the short walk into Woolworth's.  There the shiny terrazzo tile floor sparkled colors under my black and white saddle shoes, increasing my excitement.  Thrilling those gleaming floors were, but their shimmer did not distract me from my primary goal.  We walked on.  As we drew closer, my resolve was almost diverted by the smell and lure of fresh, crisp hot dogs turning in a rotisserie on the lunch counter.  The smell suggested a change in mission. Temptation slowed my pace slightly.  Then, looking up through the stools, I caught the eye of the lady behind the lunch counter.  She smiled down at me.  Her smile said she knew where I was headed, and what I would find there. That kept me on mission.  But what I was to gain that day was more than she could ever guess. Resisting the shiny floors and the alluring hot dogs, moments that seemed like days later, I...(Read Full Article)