Clear Eyes, Full Heart - My Change of Heart on Mitt Romney

The day after the first Romney/Obama debate, my friend Moira sent me a picture of a poster above a door Mitt Romney was walking through just before the debate.  The poster read, "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose!" -- the words from the well-known Friday Night Lights high school football story.  It reminded us both of a post she wrote for Conservatives4Palin late last September, just before Sarah Palin announced that she had decided not to run for president.  The post was about Friday Night Lights and having a good attitude going into what we thought was going to be a tough fight to garner her the Republican nomination. Many of us still wish Sarah Palin were carrying the ball in this championship game for the presidency of the United States.  But that's Mitt Romney's role.  Initially, when Governor Palin said she was going sit out the game, I didn't want to play anymore.  I wanted to slam my helmet to the ground and walk out of the locker room and get...(Read Full Article)