California's Proposition 32: Ending Union Dominance Of California Politics

From the outside looking in, you have to admit that something is a little "off" in California politics.  In the year 2010, while voters nationwide swept Republicans into office high and low, voters in California kept Democrats in office, with the numbers in the California House delegation remaining exactly the same.  Not only did Californians re-elect far-left U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, but California voters also dusted off and voted back in as governor a relic from the 1970's, Jerry "Moon-Beam" Brown.  Californians preserved a Democrat majority in the California Senate and even added to a Democratic majority in the Assembly. Is union money distorting California electoral politics?  Many think so.  After all, public sector and trade unions are among the biggest donors in California elections. In the years 2000-2010 the California Teachers Association (CTA) was the single largest contributor to California politics, giving twice as much as the...(Read Full Article)