Bind On!

Was there ever any doubt we would see a black man as President of the United States before a woman, any woman, of any color? If you ask a woman (many men as well), the answer would be a resounding 'No doubt about it!' The truth is Hillary Clinton never had a chance against Barack Obama in the 2008 primary. It mattered little that she was infinitely smarter and more qualified. Aside from the improprieties and irregularities that always seemed to inexplicably favor Obama (ahem), she was a white woman running against a black man, end of story. The selection of the lesser-qualified male candidate as the Democratic candidate of choice in 2008 (particularly by a party that claims to be so pro-women) showed the world just how tough it can be for women competing against men in the workforce. And how, very often, the more-qualified woman is overlooked in favor of the less-qualified man. So while Obama's election in 2008 proved that the nation was finally ready for a black man in the highest...(Read Full Article)