Barack Obama's October Surprises

In October 1972, and twelve days before the presidential election, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger made a surprise announcement of a peace agreement ending the war in Vietnam, thus giving birth to the term "October Surprise."  In nearly every election cycle since, one party or the other has attempted to spring some last minute opposition research or policy announcement in the immediate weeks prior to an election.   However the Democrats, with their near stranglehold on the mainstream media, have been overwhelmingly more successful in the use of this strategy.  That is until this year. Barack Obama and the Democrats have been blindsided by not one but two October surprises.  The first actually occurred in September: the Al Qaeda-sponsored attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the second: Obama's abysmal performance in the first presidential debate. The Libyan consulate attack was the catalyst that prompted Obama and his sycophants to...(Read Full Article)