A View from Mormon Land

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- the Mormons. Not being Mormon but having lived most of my 53 years in Utah, the seat of the religion, I would like to offer a perspective on having a Mormon as President of the United States. This question takes on a greater sense of importance with recent reports that the de facto American political truce against attacks on a candidate's religion has been breached by means of a telephone campaign slandering Romney's Mormonism. I grew up in rural Utah, in a town that was (and is) about 80% Mormon.  I went to college in another rural Utah town, somewhat more cosmopolitan because of the university, but the non-student population was still about 80% Mormon.  After two post-college years in Massachusetts, I returned to the Salt Lake City valley, which is now around 52% Mormon. While working as the CEO of the company I co-founded upon returning to Utah, I have...(Read Full Article)