Why Romney Is Going to Romp over Obama in November

For those of you fretting over the latest "FoxNews/ABC-CBS-NBC/Wall Street Journal/USAToday/Perth Amboy Times/And Whatnot" poll showing Obama 300 points ahead of Romney in the race for the presidency, do yourself a big favor -- ignore it, and everything like it. I have for months now, and it's been great for my blood pressure.  When a TV news report on the latest polls comes on television, I instantly change the channel.  When I hear the word "poll" on my radio, I quickly switch stations.  When I happen upon a newspaper article or column about polls, I promptly flip to the funny pages. As a former journalist, I've learned that most polls commissioned by news outlets are done not to reflect reality, but to distort it.  In the same way Hollywood has discovered it can cheaply fill airtime with so-called "reality shows," news outlets have found they can fill their pages with polls. Book it: Romney's going to win this election in a romp come November.  I'm certain...(Read Full Article)