Trouble Ahead for Democrat Dominance in Maryland?

A quiet rebellion against high-handed Democrat politicians pushing pet progressive policies is building in blue state Maryland, largely ignored by the national media so heavily concentrated in Washington, D.C., right next door.  Keep your eyes on referenda set to be on the November ballot. Maryland's gerrymandered congressional district map says it all.  It has been called "the most gerrymandered in the nation." The map stands as a metaphor, emblematic of the gross distortion of politics in a state run under one party rule.  Just as the map's newly aligned districts are twisted, elongated, and contorted to comport to one party's extreme wishes, so too is much of the signature legislation which has emanated from Annapolis over the last couple of years.  The people of Maryland have finally said, "Enough is enough."  The map is just exhibit A demonstrating our progressive politicians' legislative frenzy. In a few weeks, Maryland voters will face three...(Read Full Article)