Time and Action Do Not Heal All Wounds

To paraphrase the first Republican president, the world will little note nor long remember what the Democrats said at Charlotte last week.  Yet on the eleventh anniversary of the most egregious attack against these United States, we should note and remember the words of vice president Joe Biden. During his speech before the delegates to the Democratic National Convention, Biden said the following in reference to the operation to kill al-Qaeda fugitive Osama bin Laden: In 2008, Barack Obama made a promise to the American people. He said 'If we have Osama bin Laden in our sights, we will take him out. That has to be our biggest national security priority.' Barack understood that the search for bin Laden was about a lot more than taking a monstrous leader off the battlefield. It was about righting an unspeakable wrong, healing a nearly unbearable wound in America's heart. He also knew the message we had to send to terrorists around the world -- if you attack innocent Americans, we...(Read Full Article)