The Progressive War on Parking

Mark your calendars: September 21 is international PARK(ing) Day, described as "annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into 'PARK(ing)' spaces."  Get it?  The place you "park" your car becomes a "park."  It's a postmodernist play on words that destabilizes the patriarchal hegemony of language.  A better name might be "No Parking Day," since the intent -- or at very least, the obvious consequence -- of this and other activities is to attack automobile use by nibbling away at the supply of parking spaces. A candid discussion of restricting parking appears in the Cambridge (Mass.) Climate Protection Plan: Strategy 3: Reduce the Amount of Motor Vehicle Travel through Parking Incentives and Restrictions. [...] Studies indicate that parking restrictions are by far the most effective way to reduce driving, but they tend to be unpopular and therefore difficult to implement. Because...(Read Full Article)