The First Refuge of Scoundrels

Why have so many in the so-called mainstream media become unhinged in their attacks on not only Mitt Romney, but anyone who does not openly support Barack Obama?  Why do so many on the left hate conservatives as monsters? While there has always been virulent speech on the fringes of the political spectrum, Barack Obama has, by participating in and refusing to condemn such discourse as well as sanctioning the vitriol and violence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, made it acceptable to denigrate and attack, in the vilest of terms, anyone who may have a different point of view about the direction of the country and the meaning of being an American. The president and his fellow-travelers, the vast majority of whom are disciples of Saul Alinsky, have brought the Marxist strategy of unbridled personal destruction of their political opponents into the mainstream.  They know no other way to achieve and retain power, as historically their left-wing policies and beliefs have never...(Read Full Article)