The Democrats' Dog Whistle Slogan

Given the left's propensity for calculated projection, and amid all their talk of conservative code words and "dog whistles," perhaps we ought to take a good look at the use of coded language at the Democratic National Convention.  For while the GOP's alleged code (e.g., "golf" for "wayward black man") is so ingeniously concocted that even the GOP can't decipher it, I believe that the left's current campaign vocabulary is indicative of the extent to which they are going for broke on their dream of completing America's fundamental transformation over the next four years. Political "code words" are terms used to communicate a tacitly understood meaning among compatriots, while masking the more unpopular or controversial aspects of that meaning from the broader audience.  In other words, they are euphemisms.  Euphemisms are interesting things.  They have a life cycle, much like metaphors -- a comparison well worth considering in light of the Obama campaign's peculiar...(Read Full Article)