Romney Gets It Right: It Was 'Disgraceful'

The accusation, delivered forcefully by the Obama campaign and gently by John Sununu., that Mitt Romney was being untowardly political when he stepped forward to call the Obama administration's response to the Libyan embassy attack "disgraceful" perfectly illustrates one major reason the West is in (final?) decline. In this age when Islamists have made it a matter of policy to cite any unflattering mention of Islam as an excuse to kill as many non-Muslims as possible, the administration's initial apologies for the alleged insult to Islam delivered by an unknown movie were a de facto invitation to violence. To follow that up, once the murders had begun, by prefacing Hillary Clinton's "strongest possible" objection to the U.S. Embassy attack with yet another apology revealed either a clinical case of battered wife syndrome on a national scale, or something more sinister. President Obama, using almost identical language, said: Since our founding, the United States has been a nation...(Read Full Article)