Republicans Will Win because We Know What's at Stake

The Romney election team has decided the most effective course to re-election is through centrist voters.  They have chosen to contrast  Romney's effectiveness versus the nation's disappointed hopes in Obama. That may be the right approach to win the small handful of swing voters.  But that isn't why we will win this election.  We will win because conservatives know what is at stake and we know we can't afford to lose.  That is why the Tea Party base is going to work their butts off to get out the vote.  That is how we took back the House in 2010.  It is how Ted Cruz won the Senate nomination in Texas, though he started out 2% in the polls.  It is how a career politician like Richard Lugar was replaced by Richard Mourdock in Indiana.  It is why Paul Ryan has generated more enthusiasm than Romney.  It is why we have elected a younger generation of stunningly excellent deficit-hawk governors whom conservative voters are jazzed about. The...(Read Full Article)