Regime Change

Is it going to be another Reagan landslide, with Romney tossing out Obama like Jimmy Carter? Or is there a "shift of values" in Americans like Queen Elizabeth II discerned during the outpouring of emotion at the death of Princess Diana?   Is it going to be the Romney/Ryan practicality, traditional values and common sense agenda that prevail?  Or will the Obama/Biden pitch win out, that promises European socialism over American exceptionalism, green platitudes and ever increasing social spending without specifying who is going to pay for it? On both sides of the issues, there is a sense something big is in the balance. As the tectonics of the race cause shifts and rumbles in the body politic, the elephant in the room is Wall Street, the general reference used to describe the bankers, investment bankers, traders, government dominated mortgage agencies, private mortgage firms and insurance giants who brought down the economy.  Yet, the responsible parties were not...(Read Full Article)