Real-Life Horror: The Beijing Scavengers

Hollywood has made a number of movies on this theme.  Whether they are cloned humans who suddenly awaken to the knowledge that they have been created only to have their organs scavenged or normal humans kept alive in a coma, the creepy idea of being kept alive only  to have one's organs taken is enough to make our flesh crawl.  The very idea almost goes beyond our ability to communicate. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) has raised the specter of condemned prisoners in China having their organs taken -- without any meaningful consent.  This is a real-life horror movie.  Congressman Smith has long locked horns with the Communist regime in Beijing.  He brought veteran China-watcher Stephen Mosher to testify before his House subcommittee on the pervasive human rights violations implied in the Beijing regime's one-child policy.  That policy has had devastating effects in the vast rural heartland of China.  There, peasant families desperate for a son...(Read Full Article)