Obama: 'You Belong to Me'

"Government is the only thing we all belong to."  That assertion was the theme of a now infamous DNC video that aired during the Democratic convention in Charlotte.  After it was lambasted by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to the Romney campaign, Obama staffers distanced themselves from the video, blaming it on "the host committee of the city of Charlotte."  That should make North Carolinians ecstatic -- now they're under the bus with everyone from Larry Summers to the Rev. Wright.  But no matter how the DNC attempts to disown the video in question, it can't disavow the message.  For this president, government is the only thing that matters.  We all belong to government, and Obama is the government. Human Events author John Hayward labeled the video "one of the worst monsters from the Democratic id," and he was right.  The Democratic id has long sought to strip Americans of their liberty and confer greater power on government.  Government now has...(Read Full Article)