Obama Flunks the Job Interview

On Thursday night, Barack Obama interviewed with the hiring manager -- the American voters -- to keep his job for another four years.  Any hiring manager using the past behavioral event interviewing method -- a technique where experience triumphs over hope -- would conclude that Obama flunked.  And flunked miserably. Obama delivered the familiar harmonic swells and rhythmic cadences so typical of his now-tedious oratory.  Soothing ear-candy in a few places, but mostly empty exhortations. The ending was breathtakingly insulting as Obama ultimately blamed the hiring manager -- the American people -- for having elected him in the first place. So you see, the election four years ago wasn't about me.  It was about you.  My fellow citizens, you were the change. While Obama's stated vision for prosperity, equity, justice, security, and compassion might have been noble, he offered no plan to reach such a utopia, nor did he discuss how the nation would pay for it. Even...(Read Full Article)