Mr. Bill: 'Who You Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes'?

When a bull or a bucking bronc rider at a rodeo gets thrown from the saddle, out comes the rodeo clown to distract both the animal and the audience while the fallen rider is pulled to safety.Bill Clinton's speech last night was something like that. After a disastrous day and an excruciatingly shrill, boring evening, Mr. Bill jumped into the arena to try and save the show, and no one can say he didn't do his level best. Even when you realized what he was saying was chock full of misstatements, half truths and a devious agenda of his own, you had to admire his showmanship, his delivery and his ability to play the Charlotte crowd like Jimi Hendrix mauling a stratocaster. His only fault from a performance standpoint is that he went on far to long, speaking on past 11 PM, tiring the crowd and probably losing a decent portion of the TV audience before the last coda and the boffo finish.  But then, Mr. Bill was always overfond of the sound of his own voice. Bill Clinton had a few...(Read Full Article)