Malice in the Mimbar

We are assured daily that communications technology and globalization are liberating the Muslim world.  We are also led to believe that social networks bring down the totalitarians.  We are ultimately led to believe that democracy is the default setting for all those "jasmine" revolutions.  Alas, such optimism is nonsense.  Revolution has been mistaken for reform. The West seems to know little of the Muslim world, except what they garner from English-speaking, Western-educated, computer-savvy Islamic elites, especially clergy.  The reality of the Ummah is a world apart from much of what is heard from media, political, and Christian pulpits in the West. Wishful thinking aside, we know how the West gathers and shares information.  More important is the Muslim cipher; how do the Islamic masses get their information or cultural marching orders?  Surely the illiterate and semi-literate have little use for a newspaper, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. ...(Read Full Article)