Magical Millionaires' Money

Democrats believe that the money of the 1% is magical.  Unlike all other money, it does nothing for the economy or the country unless it is turned over to the government. Democrats apparently believe that the 1% have their wealth in crisp, clean $100 bills hidden in their mattresses.  A million dollars in hundred-dollar-bills weighs roughly 22lbs and takes up a space of roughly 0.45 cubic feet.  That means that Romney's entire net worth could fit into one or two king-size beds -- for the second or two before they collapse under the more than one ton of money hidden in each mattress.  Be sure that Obama will soon be discussing MattressGate. The reason why it appears that Democrats believe that the 1% hide their money in their mattresses is because Democrats keep saying that the 1% aren't contributing enough to the country.  But the only way that the 1%'s filthy lucre isn't contributing is if it's hidden away. If the 1% put their money into savings or checking...(Read Full Article)