Looking Back at Lewis and Clark

One of the best perks of our internet era is the easy availability of classic literature.  Literally thousands of classic works in every genre are available for free download at sites like www.gutenberg.org; nowadays, they even come preformatted for use in ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle and smartphone apps like Aldiko.  For me, having hundreds of books accessible on my Android phone in seconds is a major quality-of-life enhancement.  Those previously wasted moments spent waiting in line at the bank or hanging on a strap on the metro are now spent in the company of Tolstoy, or Dickens, or not infrequently, a history book; ever since my interest in history was piqued by a great high school teacher (thanks again, Dr. Buchanan), I haven't been able to read enough of it. It was this interest in history that led me to download the journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, recorded during their monumental 1804-1806 journey through the then-mysterious territories...(Read Full Article)