Libertarianism Does Not Preclude Conservatism

This article has two purposes.  The first is to define what exactly is entailed by libertarianism, broadly defined.  The second is to make the point that conservatism need not adopt an antagonistic opinion toward libertarianism -- as the latter is a branch of law that is quite compatible with the former. Libertarianism is quite simple, and not even deceptively so.  It consists of only three tenets or, as Sean Hannity might refer to them, core principles: (1) adherence to the non-aggression principle (NAP), (2) laissez-faire capitalism, and (3) the institution of private property -- the third tenet being presupposed by the second and the second tenet being a direct consequence of the first, which, not coincidentally, is the principal tenet of libertarianism. The NAP holds that it is illicit for one to engage in either the initiation of aggression or the threat of the initiation of aggression.  So the intentional taking of an innocent person's life (murder), liberty...(Read Full Article)