Liberals' Goal - Improving Society

On the surface, a goal of improvement is a good one.  Who can argue that making something or someone better is a bad thing?  Isn't better better? But in government, it frequently isn't.  All too often, "improving society" involves changes that result in dehumanizing society.  Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all were motivated by the desire to create a perfect society.  They saw powerful government as the way to fix the problems in human society.  Of course such efforts have never, ever worked -- simply because "utopia" is contrary to human nature. The Greeks invented democracy to solve the problems that big, strong governments created.  Humans have tried many forms of government, and few people with a historical perspective deny that America, operating under a system of laws (a republic) with a democratically elected and limited government, is the most successful design yet.  The more liberal-minded people always claim that society could always be even...(Read Full Article)