Introducing the UJR - The United Jihadi Republic

Cairo and Damascus -- always at the heart of Arab politics -- are again starring in the real-life drama of Arab turmoil that the media's idiot-savants called the "Arab Spring."  Somehow, the "Arab Spring" does not look so rosy. Egypt may be the most important Islamic country, centrally located and equipped with thousands of advanced U.S. tanks and fighter jets.  It is run by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood -- an organization that essentially fathered al-Qaeda. Egypt's new leader, Muhammad Morsi, has decapitated the pro-U.S. heads of his army.  He put large forces on his border with Israel, violating the treaty with Israel.  Meanwhile, Egypt now flirts with Iran, catching Western intelligence flat-footed. Syria, armed to the teeth with chemical and biological weapons, is splitting apart, and its weapons may fall into the hands Syria's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and rogue elements tied to al-Qaeda. For decades, Egypt and Syria led the Arab world to...(Read Full Article)