Citizen Cain: Herman Looks Back and Ahead

It may seem like half a lifetime ago, but from late October through much of November of last year, an African-American businessman from Atlanta was leading the pack in the race for the GOP nomination.  In one memorable debate in Las Vegas, he was front and center, being attacked repeatedly from both flanks over his plan to overhaul the tax code.   Unlike the rest of the folks on stage, Herman Cain was not a professional politician and never had held public office.  His surge was a remarkable event in American politics, and I asked him about it when I caught up with him between interviews he was doing with Mike Huckabee and Wolf Blitzer at the convention.   To understand what took him to the top of the polls, it's important to understand Cain's background.  After getting a math degree from Morehouse and doing ballistics analysis for the Navy, he got interested in computers and enrolled in a highly rated graduate program at Purdue, despite the skepticism of his...(Read Full Article)