Bill Clinton Has Obama Right Where He Wants Him

There are good reasons to believe that the 42nd president thinks that the chair in the Oval Office is either empty or might as well be until Mitt Romney is elected. Can you believe that the fellow -- Mr. Clinton -- who is widely reported to have called the Empty Chair an "amateur" -- is the same fellow who is going to formally nominate Empty to a second term, without having had his speech seriously vetted (and perhaps not at all -- that is the best bet) beforehand? What better, richer, and more conclusive demonstration of Mr. Clinton's point could there possibly be? Of course, as Edward Klein suggested on September 3, the economy is very, very rotten, and the current occasional occupier of the White House was faced with a choice of Mr. Clinton on Mr. Clinton's terms or no Mr. Clinton at all.  What kind of message would the latter option have sent? Thus, the political stars of the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II are as crossed today as they were aligned in 2008. In a June 8,...(Read Full Article)