America: Where Patriots Are Not Fools and Presidents Are Not Kings

Preppers are people who think that America is about to turn into a lawless free-for-all; they therefore stock up on food and supplies and head for remote sites and bunkers to wait it out.  Then come the leavers, who think it's time to choose another country to live in, or some distant island in the sea. America is at a tipping point, and while those who think it's time to hide or leave may not be wrong, no one would dare call them patriots or fighters.  Is this the right way to deal with the day?  Has a serious voice for good lost its power, and does every vote count for nothing? Even in this land of 350 million souls, we can take comfort that the God who watches the six billion people of this planet has not lost his grip.  The Bible clearly says that he counts the very hairs on the heads of every last one of us (Mt 10: 30). God knows the way of a nation as clearly as he knows the ways of an individual, and he responds to us on the basis of that knowledge,...(Read Full Article)