After 2012, Who Will Lead?

The Republicans recently held their convention in Tampa, which served as a coming-out party for the next generation of conservative leadership.  Then the Democratic Party convened in North Carolina to reconfirm their choice of leadership.  Comparing the events of the two weeks, one thing has become very apparent: the GOP has a surplus of promising young leaders, while the Democratic Party is heavy with age, containing very few to whom to pass the baton. I always think of the slate of candidates coming together to run for a presidential election as somewhat akin to the annual creation of the NCAA basketball tournament.  Here, though, there are only two brackets -- one for each party -- and each bracket has only eight to twelve competitors.  Unlike the NCAA, we start to fill in our imaginary brackets three years ahead of competition on every quadrennial Wednesday after the first Monday in November, after the votes have been tallied the night before. Let's imagine...(Read Full Article)