A Victim of the Obama Recovery

After a year and a half of unemployment in Obama's economy, I was able to obtain a job. I should say that from a statistical perspective, I was really unemployed for only about a month.  I got a part-time job because I thought that the situation was going to be pretty bad for a long time.  I also thought that having someplace to go and something to do would have greater therapeutic value than going to therapy.  My new job pays about half of what I earned previously.  My impression had been that if I could get a job that paid between half and three-quarters of what I was making, I should consider myself lucky.  As a direct result of my reduction in earnings, my consumer spending has gone down.  My contributions to Social Security and Medicare have also been cut in half.  According to the annual statements I get from Social Security, from the years 2009 to 2010, my estimated monthly benefit at retirement decreased by $500. I paid off some debts. ...(Read Full Article)