A Delegate's-Eye-View of the RNC Convention

Up until the 2012 GOP Convention, I was concerned about the ability of Romney-Ryan to win -- not because of their candidacy, but because of the dirty game their opponents were certain to play and the skyrocketing ignorance and apathy of the voters. The Democrat machine is a powerful four-headed hydra, with one head being the party, another being the media, another being academia, and the fourth being pop culture.  Even though we have a great Comeback Team and a targeted message, and the facts are on our side, how could we possibly prevail when increasing numbers within the electorate are not paying attention to politics, are dangerously unfamiliar with the issues, and are more concerned about Dancing with the Stars than with the real world around them? But after being on the floor at the convention, there is no trace of any skepticism left with this Nancy Naysayer, and the good news is, I'm not the only one.  No matter how odious the Obama team, no matter how ignorant the...(Read Full Article)