What Washington Does Not See

The Gallup Poll seems no different from most establishment organs.  As I have noted in the past, when Gallup reports on the ideological composition of the nation, its titles for these releases seem more to hide than to reveal the big story.  Still, Gallup -- unlike many other news organizations which issue polls at irregular intervals that seem calculated to demoralize conservatives -- has a vested interest in its own credibility.  The same is true of Rasmussen: Scott Rasmussen pretty clearly is conservative, but his polls make sense, show trends, and present conservatives with unwelcome news at times. Gallup has recently released a poll showing which parts of America are most confident economically and which are least confident.  (The District of Columbia, of course, is not a state but rather a federal district, but it is included along with the fifty states in the poll.)  In every state, the Gallup Economic Confidence Index is negative: there are more...(Read Full Article)