Tough Times Ahead for Israel

It appears that Israel might be facing the toughest struggle yet in its history.  There is Syria, a country possibly becoming a tribal state; Iraq, with a growing influence from al-Qaeda; Egypt, quite likely to become an Islamist regime; and the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezb'allah at Israel's borders.  Then there is Iran, a dangerous and murderous country which could soon possess a nuclear weapon.  American Thinker interviewed some experts, asking them their opinion on the Israel-Iran crisis. New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva, in his latest novel, The Fallen Angel, wrote, "There are some leaders who assure me that Israel can live with an Iran armed with a nuclear weapon. ... But to someone who lived through the madness of the Second World War, they sound too much like those who said the Jews had nothing to fear from a Germany led by Hitler and the Nazis. ... We ask only that you [Israel] proceed with the utmost caution, for your decisions will...(Read Full Article)