The Man Is a Sneak

President Obama claims that he is an "ardent believer" in the free market: Contrary to the claims of some of my critics-and some of the editorial pages-I am an ardent believer in the free market. ... Government has a vital, if limited, role to play in fostering sustained economic growth and creating the foundations for you to succeed. Obama is definitely not a socialist in the sense that he believes in government takeover of private companies.  From Halliburton to McDonalds, from Exxon to Old Navy, Obama is not proposing government ownership.  The GM takeover, rather than being a contrary example, enforces the point, as the company was returned to private ownership.  GM went from Government Motors back to General Motors.  Obama is not proposing any form of government takeover of private industry. But claiming that he sees that the legitimate role of government is limited to that of fostering economic growth is a deception of the first order.  Obama sees the...(Read Full Article)