The Ignorant, the Pets, and the Dead: That's the Plan

Obama is, at least, not treating all voters as fools; he is treating only some voters as fools. "This is a dead-even race for the presidency ... Pretty much people have made up their minds," Candy Crowley of CNN observed on July 22nd's State of the Union.  On PBS's News Hour, David Brooks seemed to agree, and warned: "Voters shouldn't expect President Barack Obama to add any more depth or nuance to his attacks on rival Mitt Romney, even though the upcoming election raises fundamental questions about the role of government and the direction of the economy[.] ... There is the makings [sic] of a serious discussion of what sort of role of government, what sort of society, what sort of capitalism we want to have[.] ... Will we actually have that discussion?  I'm extremely doubtful, in part because what they're targeting are people who don't pay attention to politics.  Everybody who pays attention has already decided.  And so they want a very simple message [for the...(Read Full Article)