The Dark Knight and Other Violent Films Do Not Cause Rampage Killings

The brutal murder of twelve innocent movie-goers and the injury of dozens more by James Holmes at an Aurora, Colorado theater screening of The Dark Knight Rises has unleashed a torrent of public anguish and a number of admirable attempts to make sense of the senseless.  But let's base our conclusions on facts and not fantasy.  In short, violent films should not be blamed for the tragic event. The Dark Knight Rises is not an incitement to mindless acts of violence; on the contrary, it is a call for us to be civilized by showing us what true evil looks like, and it illustrates through dramatization what happens to a society when people take Occupy-style calls for anarchy seriously.  The distaste that the hard left has for the film should be well-known, with some socialists even tellingly rooting for the movie's arch-villain, Bane. With this firmly in mind, we should scrutinize attempts to connect the film to real-world violence.  As a backdrop, the famous director...(Read Full Article)